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ECCS maintains the most comprehensive mobile and fixed-base laboratory 
certification program in the country. All of our operations are accredited through NELAC and various other state certification programs. In addition, our mobile laboratories have been awarded an unrivaled scope of accreditation through DoD ELAP (VOCs, SVOCs, PCBs, pesticides, metals, and explosives).  

Our fixed-base laboratory was first certified by the State of Wisconsin in 1997. In 2006, ECCS petitioned the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to extend our certification to our mobile laboratory operations. In requesting this, ECCS demonstrated our unique business model, whereby our mobile laboratory operations are a seamless extension of our fixed-base lab. Our instruments, staff, management, Quality Systems Manual (QSM), and standard operating procedures (SOP) are shared between both business lines. WDNR concurred with our petition, and currently recognizes our fixed-base laboratory and fleet of 12 mobile laboratories under a single certification.

Since receiving certification from Wisconsin, ECCS obtained similar accreditation under NELAC, which is recognized by 14 states who serve as Accrediting Bodies (AB). In addition, ECCS maintains multiple other state certifications that in most cases have been granted in the same "seamless" fashion as our WDNR certification.

ECCS is proud of the operational standards and methodologies that allow accreditation and approval from the important regulatory partners. The map below summarizes states participation within the various certification/accreditation programs.


The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC), now known as The NELAC Institute (TNI), is the most commonly recognized authority for environmental laboratory accreditation. For more information regarding ECCS' NELAC accreditation, click here.


As of October 1, 2009, accreditation in conformance with the DoD ELAP became a requirement for all laboratories who are performing testing in support of a DoD environmental restoration program. In March 2012, ECCS received accreditation in accordance with the Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DoD ELAP).  For more information regarding DoD ELAP, click here.


Other State Certification Programs
Several states throughout the U.S. maintain state-derived certification programs that are comparable to NELAP (although not recognized by TNI). To date, ECCS maintains certification through many state agencies. More information is available here.

States Without Formal Certification Programs
While the vast majority of states participate in or maintain their own laboratory certification program, a small number of states do not have a formal certification process. Regardless of lack of certification programs, nearly all states have QA/QC requirements for environmental laboratory data.
As a result of our experience throughout the country, ECCS has worked with the majority of state agencies and is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding state-specific requirements.

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