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Certifications | DoD ELAP


In March 2012, ECCS received accreditation in accordance with the Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DoD ELAP).  

As of October 1, 2009, accreditation in conformance with the DoD ELAP became a requirement for all laboratories who are performing testing in support of a DoD environmental restoration program. The accreditation program applies to "all laboratories, including permanent, temporary, or mobile facilities, which generate definitive data, regardless of their size, volume of business, or field of accreditation."

ECCS' DoD ELAP scope of accreditation is the most comprehensive currently offered in a mobile laboratory setting, including analysis of VOCs, SVOCs, explosives, pesticides, PCBs, TPH, and metals. Under our comprehensive accreditation, ECCS can utilize one of its industry-leading fleet of 12 mobile laboratories, or can establish a temporary project-captive laboratory using an existing site structure or construction trailer.

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