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The culture of quality and customer focus at ECCS is apparent in everything we do, and is driven by an intense desire to make every project successful.  Throughout the years, training employees on quality assurance, project management, and customer service was a primary objective, and remains so today.  With over 20 chemists and staff, we maintain our culture for one simple reason - we recognize that there is no "routine" project and thus take NOTHING for granted.

We treat every single project with the utmost importance, because we know that to our clients there are no routine projects.  Project success is at the heart of ECCS, and as a result 75 percent of our business comes from repeat customers.

Following are the guiding principals that form the foundation of our culture, as well as a graphic that depicts how we operate on a day-in day-out basis.

  • Empower and trust employees to treat the company as their own
  • Be there to provide 110% support to fellow team members
  • Deliver quality analytical services that are unique and meet or exceed the needs of our clients
  • Realize the client’s specific needs are paramount and above ours
  • Believe that our reputation is everything
  • Maintain growth and profitability to allow employees to have opportunity and be rewarded for their efforts, performance, and individual or team results
  • Assure competitive (or better) salaries and benefits
  • Continual improvement. We must evolve with the competition and marketplace or we will not be able to sustain success.
  • Project Success + Team Success + Company Success = Our Success


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