Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services: Your Partner In Success

Chemistry Consulting Services

ECCS brings over 300 years of chemistry expertise and does so from more than an analytical perspective. While most of the consulting work we offer is included with the value-added testing services we deliver, ECCS has been retained to provide formal chemistry consulting services on multiple projects nationwide.  ECCS consulting services are centered around the following:

Expert Testimony/Litigation Support

ECCS is an established and highly respected firm that can provide technical assistance during litigation and testimony proceedings.  In this capacity, ECCS personnel have provided chemistry and QA litigation support services to private industry, insurance companies, and legal firms.

Analytical Methods Evaluation and Development

ECCS provides analytical method evaluation or development expertise to provide solutions for non-routine chemical analysis, especially as it relates to the pesticide residue testing.  These services may include modifying the design of a US EPA method to achieve a certain goal, or developing a new analytical method for a specific chemical or analysis matrix.

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