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Following are a few of the many reasons why we believe ECCS is your first choice to partner with for onsite mobile laboratory services.  These are not simply words on a page.  They are substantiated with over 20 years experience and an exceptional track record of repeat business. 

Certified Mobile Laboratory Services.  ECCS maintains the most comprehensive mobile and fixed-base laboratory certification program in the country. All of our operations are accredited through NELAC and various other state certification programs. In addition, our mobile laboratories have been awarded an unrivaled scope of accreditation through DoD ELAP (VOCs, SVOCs, PCBs, pesticides, metals, and explosives).

Corporate Vitality. 
ECCS prides itself at being the strongest mobile laboratory provider in the Country, with a current full-time staff of over 20 having an average of 15 years experience. We are an equipment-rich, debt free organization and maintain a robust insurance program. Our attention to detail extends to our Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) program, where we can boast 1 lost-time incident (of 2 days duration) in over 20 years of business.

International Capabilities. ECCS also maintains ISO 17025 certification for its mobile (or "on-site") laboratory services. This certification has been a great benefit to our international operations, which have taken us to South Africa, South America, as well as isolated islands in the South Pacific. One such example is the PCB remediation project in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Chemistry “expertise,” not just “experience.”
 Chemists founded this organization in 1991, maintaining the current sole vision of becoming a nationally recognized leader in mobile/onsite laboratory services. We take great pride in having an exceptional record of repeat business, and have experienced an excellent track record for data acceptance by applicable government programs and agencies including EPA, DoD, DOE, USACE and other Federal, state, and local entities.

ECCS brings a team-member attitude.  The experts at ECCS provide more than simply a data point through our attentive (and often project-specific) method development, instrumental analysis, and quantitative environmental analytical procedures.  We take the time to provide our clients true project value, which starts with our considerable project planning input and does not stop until the project has been successfully closed out with your client or regulatory stakeholder.

Leader in Accelerated Site Characterization.  ECCS is an active member on EPA’s Triad Community of Practice (CoP), which involves members from Federal and state agencies (EPA, DoD), consultancies, and service providers.  The CoP maintains a vision of synthesizing, marketing, and supporting the movement to perform site characterization and remedial actions faster, better, and cheaper.  Visit http://www.triadcentral.org/ for more details.

Robust On-Board LIMS.  ECCS is unique in offering a robust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in its mobile laboratories, with an ability to seamlessly generate multiple report and EDD formats. ECCS utilizes Promium Element in both its fixed and mobile laboratories, which is the same platform utilized by many of the nations largest commercial environmental laboratories. This powerful data management tool allows ECCS to generate, in real-time in the field, over 50 common and customized EDD formats.  In essence, ECCS customers can manage and manipulate data generated from our mobile laboratories in the same "real-time" fashion as the analytical results themselves.

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