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Mobile Labs  |  Capabilities

  • VOCs  (including EDB and 1,4-dioxane)
  • SVOCs (including alkylated PAH)
  • Pesticides
  • PCBs (including PCB homologs by GC/MS)
  • Explosives 
  • Metals
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrate/Nitrite
  • TPH

ECCS mobile laboratories are each equipped with full-size instruments, including GC and GC/MS systems for volatile, PAH, pesticide, and PCB analysis; ICP/MS, AA, and XRF for metals analysis; and LC/MS/MS for perchlorate and explosives
analysis. We often field redundant instruments to ensure uninterrupted service and maximum laboratory throughput.

ECCS conducts its mobile laboratory operations using one of two approaches: 

  • For most of our work, ECCS utilizes one of its mobile laboratories to conduct onsite testing.  Four of the laboratories are pre-configured for volatile and semivolatile analysis, and can be mobilized to a job site in a matter of hours of being contracted.  The remaining laboratories are custom-equipped to better meet the unique demands of the projects we encounter.

  • For more complex projects involving long-term work (i.e., greater than 2 months in duration), ECCS utilizes leased construction trailers that we retrofit in a matter of days into a fully-operational onsite laboratory.  Using this approach, we are able to reduce overall projects costs even further while maximizing laboratory space and efficiency. Approximately 15 percent of the work ECCS conducts utilizes this approach.

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