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Provided herein are a few resources to aid you in your sampling efforts.

ECCS Chain of Custody

Although we always send COCs in coolers with container requests, attached find a PDF form of our COC should you run out or want to pre-complete the project-related information before going into the field.

ECCS VOC/ 8260 Sample Collection

Realizing that VOC (8260) sampling involves important sample collection procedures, provided herein are special instructions for VOC sample collection and delivery to the lab. Note that these instructions are for purposes of sending VOC samples to our laboratory in Madison, WI.

Sample Containers and Holding Times

Sample holding time is one of the many benefits of using a mobile laboratory. In short, holding time is never a concern. That said, it is a concern for our fixed-base laboratory operations, and something that follow the strict guidelines that EPA has established.

Cooler Packing Tips

rovided below is a good document from one of our vendors that describes how to best prepare a cooler with samples for shipment. As described above, these tips are not necessary if we are with you in the field with a mobile lab. However, when shipping samples to our fixed base laboratory in Madison, WI, please consider the best practices discussed in this document. And when in doubt, CONTACT US.

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